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7 Reasons to Hire a Trekking Company in Nepal

Are you wondering whether to plan your trek through a trekking company in Nepal or to do all by yourself? These are reasons that you should chose to seek help from some nice trekking agency in Nepal to organize your wonderful trek in Nepal.

1. First Timer

If this is your first time travelling in Nepal or you are completely new to Nepal, then Tour Operators or the Travel Agents will be of great help. Travelling in Nepal with absolutely no knowledge about the language and cultural of the place will definitely give you a culture shock. Travel Agent will help you plan your trip according to your requirement. They are well aware of the way things work in the country and make your trek easier. Travel Agency will help you adjust you in this peculiar country.

Planning trip to Nepal and need help?

2. Hassle-free trekking

Travelling with a trekking agency in Nepal is definitely hassle-free compared to trying to trek the hills of Nepal on your own. Travelling with a trekking agency will surely save time, frustration and peace of mind as all your arrangements will be made by the Tour Operators. A reputable trekking agency will provide you with a support team of an English speaking local guide and porter. A good guide is not just a new friend in a strange land but also the one who will facilitate logistics and guide you safely in the mountains. Travel agency also helps you with arranging internal flights in the worrisome situation (which is very common in Nepal) when your flights get cancelled.

3. Easy Trekking Permits and other arrangement

Getting a trekking permit from the slow working offices of Nepal may be time consuming. If you are choosing to save your time and worry less about your trekking permit, then it is surely a great idea to choose to go trekking with a good trekking agency. Trekking agencies will arrange you teahouses, trekking permits and all the required documents so that you are left to only enjoy the best of the treks in Nepal.

4. Sense of Security

In a foreign land, it is great to have a support and help of a friend. A good travel agency and a guide can be this friend in a foreign land. Travel agency will make you aware of various possible dangers and help you stay away from such hazards. It offers a sense of security in case of any unexpected circumstances in the mountains.

5. Valuable Insight and Information (I know better!)

The well-marked trails may be traversed by many but only few will understand the reason behind the colorful prayer flags, colorful Mani walls and the local tradition. A good guide provided by the travel agency is of great help to introduce you to the little known and seldom visited secrets of the area. The local guides may know the local villagers and if you are lucky you may even get invited for a tea inside their homes. Good guide and trekking agency will help you have an insightful adventure in this country.

6. Expert Consultation

Some trekking agency also help you suggest the trek that will be best suited according to your needs and requirement. Since most of the trekking agency run their business on their client’s review, they try to suggest the best option for you. This will help you to choose the trek according to your time, fitness level and choice of experience.

7. Rural and Restricted Area Trekking

Even though you have trekked previously in Nepal in famous trekking route, rural Nepal may surprise you in every way possible. Rural and Restricted Trekking Routes do not have well developed trails and accommodation facilities. Most of the rural treks may even require camping at several places. It will be very challenging even for the well-experienced trekkers to arrange all the requirements for such trekking. Trekking agency’s help will be great while trekking to these rural trekking destinations.


Hiring a trekking agency may cost you a little more money but it will make your journey hassle-free and insightful. If you have decided to hire a trekking agency to help you, here is an interesting article to help you find the best trekking agency in Nepal.

If you are still skeptic about hiring a trekking agency read the article where we talk about why you may not need to hire a trekking agency.

If you have travelled to Nepal via a trekking agency, let us know how was your experience. If given the chance to travel again, would you hire a trekking agency again or travel on your own! Leave us a comment below.

Planning trip to Nepal and need help?

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