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Expert Tips To Choose Compatible Trekking Partners

Trekking is a great adventure and even greater if you have a right trekking partner. Trekking partner is an essential part of your trekking experience.

Your journey becomes safe and fun-filled with a reliable and compatible trekking partner. Especially while you are risking your life in the mountains looking for an adventure.

Here are some of the ways to find a good trekking partner and have a great trekking partnership.

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1. Know Yourself

know yourself before

This is the first step to search for a compatible trekking partner. You need to know what are your expectations for the trek and your partner. Know your physical fitness level, your preferred route, and budget.

You need to understand what type of personality you will feel comfortable with while trekking the serene mountain. Ask yourself all the questions that you wish to ask your trekking partner.

This will help you understand what you are actually looking for in a partnership.

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2. Know your Trekking partner

It is very important to know your partners before you go on trekking with them. You can look into their social media pages to learn more about their personality.

Do consider the following aspect about your partner before you go on a trek.

a) Age and fitness

Age may not be the critical criteria to decide the compatibility of your trekking partnership. But, you do need to take this into consideration. Understand the physical fitness of your partner and pace of his\her walks.

Pace and physical fitness of the partner helps you choose the trek that suits you. With your trekking partner, you can determine the route and number of trekking days.

b) Gender

Having an opposite gender as a trekking partner may not be very convenient. Especially if you do not know them before the trekking.

c) Experience

Having an experienced trekking partner may be a boon for you. He/she will provide you with guidance for the trek preparation. He/she will guide you throughout the trail, mainly in the steeps ascends and slippery trails.

d) Personality

Are you the type who enjoys your favorite book under the shadow of the beautiful mountain vista? What if your partner is a wild party lover who will booze up every night of the trek?

So, check out the person’s personality traits before you select him/her as your trek partner.

Well, trekking is an adventure; so don’t be afraid to encounter new experience with new people.

e) Trekking Partner’s expectation

Understand what he/she expects from you and compare it to your plans and expectations. If they match yours then give this partnership a try!

3. Communicate

Communication is a pillar stone of every partnership. So, do communicate your expectations and plans for the trip to your trekking partner.

Understand what he/she expects from you and go on with it if matches with yours. Let your partner know if you have any medical condition that he/she should know.

It is good to meet your partner a few times before you hit the trails. Sometimes for memorable experiences, you may need to compromise few things. So, be flexible and be ready for some changes.

4. Have a pre-agreement

It is always good to have a clear agreement with your partner about various issues during the trek. If you make an agreement before setting off the trek, then you will be in much ease.

Decide how you are going to split your costs of the trek and how to react in case of an emergency. Divide your responsibilities and duties clearly. So you do not need to decide who will do the dishes and who will do the cooking while you are in the middle of the forest.

Learn whom you should contact in case of emergency. And, exchange emergency contact details as well.


Choosing the right trekking partner is an essential part of trekking. We hope these tips will be of help to find a good trekking partner. We wish you all the best.

What do you think about these tips?  Have you ever trekked with a trekking partner? Let us know how you had a great trekking partnership by commenting below.

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