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12 great Adventurous Things to do in Nepal

Do you feel lost in the monotony of life in the concrete jungle? Are you looking for a life beyond the materialistic pleasures and explore the unexplored? Are you a young and wild soul looking to explore and test your mental and physical limits with some stupefying, thrilling and mind-blowing adventures? Then it’s time to travel Nepal!

Nepal might sound familiar to you having heard of it as a south Asian country or home to the mighty Mt Everest or the birthplace of Lord Buddha. True to its name as the Himalayan kingdom, Nepal does provide a perfect option for people of all backgrounds to have a memorable and enriching travel experience with adventures you will cherish for a lifetime. There are so many adventurous things to do in Nepal.

1. Trekking in Nepal:

Trekking in Nepal
Photo Courtesy: High Mountain Zone

Nepal is a geographically blessed country and within the limited area of this small nation, you get to live in different terrains varying from tropical climate in the Terai region to the alpine in the Himalayas. With eight out of the 10 highest peaks in the world and spell binding places that can only be reached on foot, the best adventure one can have in Nepal is trekking.

A number of trekking options are available from a single day to ones that would require months to complete. The cities of the country welcome you with a rich art, culture and architecture while the villages offers you the magnificent natural beauty. While trekking in the villages of Nepal, you get to witness the traditions and hospitality of the ethnic people still leading antiquated lives. While walking past lush green valleys, terraced fields, thick forests and coming close to some of the rare and unique wildlife, you get to enjoy the mixture of nature and culture, traditions and wilderness all in the same trip. You can choose the busiest and most trodden trails or the isolated peaks with serenity and solitude – whatever serves your sense of adventure in Nepal.

While you are challenging your physical limits and pushing your way to the destination you are rewarded with the tantalizing views of the snow covered peaks, glaciers, lakes and monasteries in the most unexpected places that will make every step of the trek worthwhile. The treks can either be in the lush hills of the hilly regions or to the base camps of some of the highest summits in the world. Even if you do not get to conquer the highest peaks, you get to be a part of a legacy set by many courageous adventurers.

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2. Bungee Jump “giving the edge to the jump“

bungee jumping in nepal
Photo Courtesy: Ask The Nepal

Bungee jump might not be an adventure exclusive to Nepal, but Bungee jump in Nepal is like no other! There are only two spots for bungee jump, the more popular one being the Last resort. The resort is situated a few kilometers away from all the modernity of the cities amidst terraced slopes and lush forests where one gets to enjoy peace and solitude amidst the natural beauty of the resort. The jump is about the exhilarating few minutes when one moment you are standing at the edge of a bride above one of the deepest gorges of the Bhotekoshi River and the next you are experiencing the longest freefall of your life as you make your way down to the river raging below. You move from an elevation of 3600 ft to experience a 100m freefall which is one of the highest natural jumps with the 160m deep gorge. The jump with the friendly instructors and the safe equipment and procedures you get a nerve-wrecking yet safe experience. The other Bungy Jumping is available in the Pokhara.

3. Rafting: ride, float and then flow with the water

Rafting in Nepal
Photo Courtesy: Loyal Travel

If walking or freefalling doesn’t give you the adrenaline rush then you have to try out the splashing and waving and twisting and turning sport of rafting. The Nepali rivers flowing from the Himalayas with great speed and power are the perfect option for white water rafting. The rivers flowing down from the Snow capped mountains provide the best rapids with twists and turns ensuring you a thrilling experience. When you are not transfixed trying to veer around the swerving water through giant rocks, you will be enjoying dips in the cool rivers in the lush environment of beach camps that provide the rafting services.

4. Canyoning

canyoning in Nepal
Photo Courtesy: The Last Resort

If you are a water sports lover then you have to try canyoning at least once in your life because once you do, you are sure to ask for more. It can be done en route to Chitwan National Park or Pokhara in the different natural water ponds, majestic waterfalls, rock slides and jumping rocks. Once you are done, you fall into the clear turquoise ponds. As you climb the steep rocks alongside the waterfalls relishing all the greenery and serenity around, you allow yourself to have a complete mind body coordinating experience.

5. Jungle safari : An adventure into the wild

Jungle safari Nepal
Photo Courtesy: Great Nepal Travels

A jungle safari might not seem adventure at first, but just wait till you have the wildest experience of your life. Chitwan and Bardia are the best places in Nepal to relax and enjoy the tropical climate and greenery. The Chitwan National park and the Bardia national park have the best stock of nature’s gems in the form of the many rare and unique wildlife and plants that it protects. The jungle safari is an opportunity to witness the rare one horned rhinoceros, leopards, tigers and other exotic animals chilling in their natural habitat while riding an elephant. This experience of witnessing the animals in the wild, not restricted by the bars of zoo is truly an exciting and wild experience.

6. Rock Climbing: So easy? Not really!

rock wall climbing
Photo Courtesy: Debit Travel

Rock climbing is one of the exciting and fun adventure sports that is gaining popularity in Nepal due to the splendid natural rock faces in majestic settings. Nepal provides a wide range of climbing sites for beginners, intermediate and professional climbers. The cliffs of Nepal offer some hair-raising spots for a cliff hanger experience challenging your physical and mental endurance. You can either join the basic rock climbing lessons for beginners or if you are already an enthusiast you can try your skills at the various places that provide excellent rock climbing options.

And if walking, treading and floating in water is not enough to fill your appetite for adventure, there are a number of aerial adventures that will finally make your dream of flying come true.

7. Paragliding: Fly like a bird

paragliding in nepal - Adventurous things to do
Photo Courtesy: Royalmt

Ever wondered how it feels to be a bird and then view the earth down under while soaring above the highest peaks in the world, beautiful lakes, rivers and forests and the rest of the world goes living their boring lives so far below. If you want to break the monotony of your life living in the land, paragliding gives you this out-of-this-world experience to see the beautiful topography of Nepal while gliding so far above. Giving a new twist to this old flight is Parahawking where you fly parallel to the magnificent falcons. The sport of Parahawking involves feeding the falcons while in the air by putting pieces of meat on your hand and then following the birds on their flight. This is one unique, fun and adventurous thing to do in Nepal.

8. Zip flyer

zip-flyer Nepal
Photo Courtesy: Samrat nepal

If you do want to fly (more like glide) from a higher spot to the lower plains while securely harnessed to the zip line then zip flyer could be the thrill you have been waiting for. The zip flyer in Pokhara that starts from Sarangkot and end at Hemmja is the longest and hence the most exciting zip flyer in the world covering a distance of 1860meters. Starting at an elevation of 1625m you end up at 960m while being engrossed in the majestic and captivating views of the various Mountains like Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri, Fishtail, Lamjung Himal and the panoramic view of the entire Pokhara valley with its beautiful lakes and other treasures.

9. Everest skydive: Jumping towards the summit!

Everest Skye Diving- Adventurous things to do in Nepal
Photo Courtesy: Everest Skydive

Even the title suggests the most extreme and bizarre of things in the world. Everest, the highest point on earth and skydiving the craziest sport! And what do you get when you combine the two – the best hair raising adventure in the world! Not only do you get higher than the highest peak in an airplane at 29500ft but then you fly down to the landing site at either Syangboche airport or the Amadablam Base camp. The thrill of the freefall, of attaining such heights and then viewing the entire Everest region with the breathtaking mountain views, the Sherpa settlements below and the Everest at the backdrop makes this experience a lifetime achievement for the ultimate adventure seekers. The best part of the dive is that you can either make it a solo achievement or do it with a loved one to strengthen a bond by sharing such an exciting and priceless moment! While these are a number of options for the adrenaline junkies with a fetish for danger and adventure, there are some safer, easier yet equally exciting events for the rest.

10. Mountain photography: when the Himalayas pose for you

Photo Courtesy: Kelontheroad
Photo Courtesy: Kelontheroad

Nepal is beautiful, astounding and mesmerizing not just in person but even in photographs. For photography enthusiasts Nepal with its rich culture, terrain and natural treasures is a very good muse. Taking it a step further is mountain photography. It includes trekking to the highest of places then going down to the lowest gorges, lakes and rivers to find the perfect scene at the perfect moment so that you can capture it for the rest of time. Throughout the trek, one can witness the rarest and most beautiful, exotic wildlife, plants, birds and butterflies that are a treasure to the entire world. Then there are the traditional culturally wealthy people who will mesmerize you with their traditional attires, antique lifestyles, unique cultures and friendly behaviors and hospitality while the mountains will pose as backgrounds for your click. Apart from that, you will definitely want to capture the sunsets and sunrises in the mountains along with the clear night skies shining in starlight with a heavenly fairytale-like feeling.

11. Mountain flights: Flying over the magnificent giants

Photo Courtesy: TreknClimb
Photo Courtesy: TreknClimb

If you want to witness the highest summit in the world but do not have the time or means to do so on your own foot, don’t worry! There are a number of flights leaving everyday to take you to the Himalayas and let you witness the natural wonders of the world from a very close distance. You get to be among a very few people to have made it to the region minus the effort. Even better, the flight takes you through hills, above lakes, rivers and forests to witness the spectacle that the Mountain region of Nepal is!

12. Mountain biking: Adventure unlimited

Photo Courtesy: Nepal Advisor
Photo Courtesy: Nepal Advisor

Those who want to take their physical limits up a notch try out the mountain biking in Nepal. With the diverse terrain, biking can be done in clean graveled road to bumpy, rough trails in the different regions of the country. A number of bike routes are present in different cities from easy to difficult trails. You can choose to follow the generally used trails or venture out into your own trail that has never been explored before. You find yourself cycling through valleys, alongside rivers to steep hills and rough dry mountains. With the picturesque greenery or the majestic mountains in the backdrop and chances of witnessing beautiful flowers, animals or birds along the way, Mountain biking is a truly satisfying activity mixing the natural beauty with culture and testing physical limits and mental determination to give you a tiring yet refreshing adventure.


All these adventure activities are suitable for the young and wild soul looking for delightful adventures. From conquering the highest of summits to covering the deep rivers and gorges, these events test your physical and mental limits, lighten up your mental burdens and freshen up your senses to provide you with the sense of adventure and achievement. So get up, check out more about these and book your trips right away to have the experience all these adventures in Nepal.

Which of the these fun activities in Nepal would you like to try? Leave us a comment below.

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