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9 Subjects for Photography in Nepal

Nepal is arguably the most photogenic places on earth. What makes this country truly sensational for photographers? Nepal is truly incredible and astonishing and the camera is a great way to embrace the beauty of this fantastic country. The blend of a variety of cultures, landscape and people makes photography in Nepal, a beautiful experience.

Here is the list of things to photograph in Nepal.

1. Festivals:

Festivals of Nepal Photography

With the great variety of cultures co-existing in this small country, Nepal is a country full of festivals. It is said that Nepal has more festivals than the days in a year. Every day is a day of celebration for one or the other community of Nepal. Festivals in Nepal are full of colors, lights, music and food. From the unique dresses worn on the special day to the special decorations, festivals in Nepal are truly photogenic.

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2. People and Faces:

Faces of Nepal Photography

Travel is not just about the places, but also the people residing in it. This small country is one of the most ethnically diverse nations in the world. This multi-ethnic country offers a variety of faces to your camera. You will be surprised to find so much diversity within a tiny country.

3. Bazaars:

Photo Courtesy: Santosh Maharjan

The vibrant cities of Nepal have many vibrant bazaars which sit as a charm of the city. The bazaar is filled with colorful shops selling a variety of goods like shiny bangles, local spices, vegetables, silverware and many other daily commodities. Some of these bazaars have been there for centuries and reflects the life in the mystical cities of Nepal.

4. Ancient cities of Nepal:

Ancient City of Nepal- Potography in Nepal

Nepal has these beautiful ancient cities which make you feel that you have travelled centuries back in time. It is hard not to be caught by the Majestic lure of these cities while walking the cobbled streets along the stunning temples, stone statues and gold plated doors. The attractive traditional alleyways, beautiful potteries, intricately carved designs and the mind-blowing centuries old architecture makes the cities of Nepal irresistible for any photographer.

5. Monks and Sadhus:

sadhus for photography in Nepal

Nepal is an amazing country where a number of different cultures, religion and languages harmoniously co-exist. While the majority of the population of the country follows Hinduism and Buddhism, it is common to encounter many sadhus and monks in Nepal.  Capture peace while monk lights the butter lamps in a sacred ceremony or find a Sadhus, wandering ascetics of Hindus, covered with ashes in the temples of Nepal. Monks and sadhus of Nepal make wonderful subjects of striking photography

6. Wildlife Photography in Nepal:

Wildlife in nepal - For photography in Nepal

Wildlife diversity is notable feature of this wonderful country. The home to the exotic wildlife such as tigers, elephants, monkeys, rhinos, bears, deer, crocodiles, leopards, river dolphins and a staggering 900 species of birds, Nepal is exceptionally famous with the wildlife photographers and nature lovers.

7. Sunrise in Nepal:

Sunrise Nepal- Photography in Nepal

This is a magnificent view; you must capture while you are in Nepal. Sunrise in Nepal is tremendously gorgeous. The magical golden sun slowly rises on the snow capped Himalayas while painting the sky with beautiful orange color and leaving every spectator spellbound.

8. Landscape: 

Landscape Photography in Nepal
Photo Courtesy: Santosh Maharjan

Stretching from the Himalayan mountain range to the sultry jungles of the Terai plains, Nepal offers widely diverse terrain in a relatively small area. The dramatic landscape of Nepal makes this country amazingly photogenic. The green terraced field, luscious jungles, rough Barren hills, snow capped mountains and green grasslands, Nepal is here to serve you with a variety in every way.


Mountains photography in Nepal

It is not a surprise if the mountains are the first thing that strikes the mind while talking about this outstanding country, Nepal. Nepal is the home to the most beautiful mountains in the world, including the highest mountain, Mount Everest. Nothing is so beautiful than finding oneself surrounded by the gigantic snow-capped mountains rising into the sky. Nepal is the best place to capture these magnificent giants of the nature. Mountains d far the most popular subject for photography in Nepal.

What do you feel about our list of photographic subjects that can be found in Nepal? Did we miss anything that should have been included in the list for Photography in Nepal? Please leave your valuable views in the comments below.

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