Trekking Tips

15 Hiking Safety Tips and Common Mistakes to avoid

Hiking safety tips that are relevant for both a beginner and an expert hikers. Luscious green valleys, cool streams, thundering waterfalls, tranquil lakes, breathtaking mountains and hours long walking is sure to make you feel very high without any intoxicants while you trek close to the nature. Hiking in the new land and collecting new experiences …

Trekking in Nepal
Trekking Tips

9 Steps to Find The Best Trekking Agencies in Nepal

After deciding to do trekking in Nepal for your next holiday, you may have got into a dilemma of choosing between more than 1000 trekking agencies in Nepal. We can understand that the choice of trekking agency is a critical decision as the entire trekking experience will vastly depend on the travel agency, their management …